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The important project of National Natural Sciences Foundation of China: The Spatial-Temporal connection of climate change and natural disasters between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and East China basing on tree-ring data. 2007.1-2010.12
The dendroecological research on the response of alpine forest to global climate changing scenarios in the Zhumuliangma Natural Reserve of China. 2007.1-2009.12
Dendrochronology of poplar trees for the past 300 years in the lower reach of Heihe River NationalNatural Science Foundation of China
Fund for New Research Area at the Institute of Botany of CAS 2004.3 - 2006
Heihe Watershed Oasis project: part on dendroclimatology Collaborative project between IB of CAS and RIHN of Japan 2003.1ĘC2006.12
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