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Publications since establishment of the Tree-Ring Lab in 2004
(TRL-J-019) Li, Z.S., Zhang, Q.-B., Ma, K.P. 2012. Tree-ring reconstruction of summer temperature for A.D. 1475-2003 in the central Hengduan Mountains, Northwestern Yunnan, China. Climatic Change,110: 455-467. PDF
(TRL-J-018) Wang, X.C. and Zhang, Q.-B. 2011. Evidence of solar signals in tree rings of Smith fir from Sygera Mountain in southeast Tibet. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 73: 1959-1966. PDF
(TRL-J-017) Li, Z.S., Shi, C.M., Liu, Y.B., Zhang, J.L., Zhang, Q.-B. and Ma, K.P. 2011. Summer mean temperature variation from 1710-2005 inferred from tree-ring data of the Baimang Snow Mountains, northwestern Yunnan, China. Climate Research, 47: 207-218. PDF
(TRL-J-016) Shi, CM, Masson-Delmotte, V., Risi, C., Eglin, T., Stievenard, M., Pierre, M., Wang, XC, Gao, J., Breon, F-M, Zhang, Q.-B. and Daux, V. 2011. Sampling strategy and climatic implications of tree-ring stable isotopes on the southeast Tibetan Plateau. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 301: 307-316. PDF
(TRL-J-015) Liu, Y.B. and Zhang, Q.-B. 2010. Effect of climate on the growth of annual rings in the main roots of perennial forbs in Inner Mongolian semi-arid grassland, China. Journal of Vegetation Science, 21: 899-907. PDF
(TRL-J-014) Shi, C.M., Masson-Delmotte, V., Daux, V., Li Z.S. and Zhang, Q.-B. 2010. An unstable tree-growth response to climate in two 500 year chronologies, North Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Dendrochronologia, 28: 225-237. PDF
(TRL-J-013) Pumijumnong, N.,Zhang, Q.-B., Eckstein, D., Baas, P. 2009. Preface (The First Asian Dendrochronological Conference). IAWA Journal, 30: 359 PDF
(TRL-J-012) Guo, G., Li, Z.S.,Zhang, Q.-B., Ma, K.P. and Mu, C.L. 2009. Dendroclimatological studies of Picea Likiangensis and Tsuga Dumosa in Lijiang, China. IAWA Journal, 30: 435-441. PDF
(TRL-J-011) Wang, X.C., Zhang, Q.-B., Ma, K.P. and Xiao, S.C. 2008. A tree-ring record of 500-year dry-wet changes in northern Tibet, China. The Holocene, 18: 579-588. PDF
(TRL-J-010) Zhang, Q.-B. and Qiu, H.Y. 2007. A millennium-long tree-ring chronology of Sabina przewalskii on northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Dendrochronologia, 24: 91-95. PDF
(TRL-J-009) Liu Y.B. and Zhang, Q.-B. 2007. Growth rings of roots in perennial forbs in Duolun grassland, Inner Mongolia , China . Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 49: 144-149. PDF
(TRL-J-008) Zhang, Q.-B. and Shao, X.M. 2007. Tree Rings and Ecology: The 7 th International Conference on Dendrochronology. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 49: 129-130. PDF
(TRL-J-007) Huang, J.G. and Zhang, Q.-B. 2007. Tree rings and climate for the last 680 years in Wulan area of northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Climatic Change, 80: 369-377.PDF
(TRL-J-006) Wang, T., Zhang, Q.-B., and Ma, K.P. 2006. Treeline dynamics in relation to climatic variability in the central Tianshan Mountains, northwestern China. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 15: 406-415.PDF
(TRL-J-005) Zhang, Q.-B. 2005. Abrupt climate change and variability in the past four millennia of the southern Vancouver Island, Canada. Geophysics Research Letters 32:1-4.PDF
(TRL-J-004) He, J.S., Zhang, Q.-B., and Bazzaz, F.A. 2005. Differential drought responses between samplingsand adult trees in four co-occurring species of New England. Trees-Structure and Function.19: 442-450. PDF
(TRL-J-003) Wang, T., Ren, H.B., and Ma, K.P. 2005. Climatic signals in tree ring of Picea schrenkiana along an altitudinal gradient in the central Tianshan Mountains, northwestern China. Trees-Structure and Function 19: 735-741. PDF
(TRL-C-004) Zhang, Q.-B., and Kobayashi, O. 2005. Ecohydrological constraints on the growth of Oasis forest in a semi-arid to hyper-arid inland watershed. Abstract Volume of the Pre-Symposium of the RHIN. Kyoto, Japan, Oct. 18-20, 2005.
(TRL-C-003) Zhang, Q.-B. 2005. Tree rings and climate on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Abstract Volume of the Eurodendro2005 Conference. Viberto, Italy, Sept. 28-October 2, 2005.
(TRL-C-002) Zhang, Q.-B. Liu, P.X., and Kobayashi, O. 2005. Detection of runoff variation in an oasis ecosystem. Abstract Volume of the IAMAS. Beijing, China, Aug. 2-11, 2005.
(TRL-C-001) Zhang, Q.-B. 2005. Tree-ring evidence of Asian monsoon-ENSO relationships over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Abstract Volume of the 101th annual meeting of American Association of Geographers. Denver, USA, April 5-9, 2005.
(TRL-J-002) Wang, T., Liang, Y., Ren, H.B., Yu, D., Ni, J., and Ma, K.P. 2004. Age structure of Picea schrenkiana forest along an altitudinal gradient in the central Tianshan Mountains, Northwestern China. Forest Ecology and Management 196: 267-274. PDF
(TRL-J-001) Zhang, Q.-B., and Hebda, R. 2004. Radial growth patterns of Douglas-fir along an elevational gradient in central coast British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 34:1946-1954. PDF
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