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Click Prof. Qi-Bin Zhang (Head of the Tree-Ring Lab)
         Ph.D. 2000, University of Victoria, Canada
         E_mail: qbzhang@ibcas.ac.cn

 What a nice day in Tibet at an altitude of 4000 meters,
 What a big tree standing there bring me with great pleasures,
 What a short increment borer in my hand saying the tool matters,
 What a secret story in rings I am curious to decode and tell in papers!
click Dr. Jianping Duan
Research Associate
E_mail: duanjp@ibcas.ac.cn

 How accurate the calendar is!
 How true the history is!
 How interesting the story is!
 All in tree rings!
click Dr. Lixin Lv
Research Associate
E_mail: lixinlv@ibcas.ac.cn
click Ms. Hong-Yan Qiu
Research Assistant
E_mail: qiuhy@ibcas.ac.cn
click Dr. Ouya Fang
Postdoctoral fellow (2016- )
E_mail: oyfang@ibcas.ac.cn
click Ms. Xuehan Cheng
Ph.D. Candidate (2015- )
E_mail: xuehancheng@ibcas.ac.cn
click Ms. Yumei Mu
Ph.D. Candidate (2015- )
E_mail: mym@ibcas.ac.cn
click Mr. Xing Pu
Master student (2015- )
E_mail: puxing201123520@163.com

 Tree rings are like a sealed book,
 which is full of unknown and profound mystery.
 Like colourful scenery, like interesting life.
 What you can read depends a lot on your sowing and dedication.
click Ms. Yan Li
Ph.D. candidate (2016- )
E_mail: liyan1197714555@qq.com
click Ms. Fushan Song
Master student(2016- )
E_mail: sfs1024@163.com
click Mr. Qi Zhang
Ph.D. candidate(2017- )
E_mail: 1249540632@qq.com
click Mr. Hengfeng Jia
Master student(2017- )
E_mail: hengfengjia@qq.com
People worked at the tree-ring lab before
click Ms. Lan Chen
Research associate (2005-2006)
Click Dr. Ting Wang
Postdoctoral fellow (2005-2007)

A tree-ring is a hope, A tree is a story,
A treeline records many hopes and stories.
Would you like to go with me the hopeful journey and read those interesting stories?
Click Dr. Xiao-Chun Wang
Postdoctoral fellow (2005-2007)

Tree-ring is an abstruse yearbook, it recorded many interesting stories. Spend all my life to interpret what the book is telling us.
Click  Dr. Yong-Bo Liu
M.Sc. Student (2004-2007)

Ring, ring, ringĄ­
Let me have a maggot in my head!
She is not so simple one that I think, and also not so complex one that I imagine, if I try my best to dig out the meaning under her veil!
click  Dr. Dr. Gui-Rong Yu
Ph.D. Student (2004-2008)

Gazing at the cores of old trees sampled from the highest plateau in the world, I am really desired to understand what is the nature's classic production.
Ms. Gai-Ai Guo
M.Sc. Student (2005-2008)

Small small tree ring, while big big world!
We dig so much things in our dendrochronology.
We benefit greatly from the dendro-researches the past, the present and the future.
Click  Dr. Zong-Shan Li
Ph.D. Student (2004-2009)

In Northwestern Yunnan, you must be fascinated by the beauty and harmony of nature, diversified culture, mysterious Shangri-La, astonishing deep gorges, heartquaking rip currents etc. Here I have the honor to tell you the dendroclimatological and dendroecological stories in this attractive place.
Dr. Chun-Ming Shi
Master and transfered to Ph.D. Student (2005-2011)

 Click Dr. Chao Zhang
Ph.D. Student (2006-2011)

There were so many stories in the history of mankind, which showed mercy and cruelty, love and pain, despair and hope.
What happened to a tree, a forest in its long life-time with thorough silence?
I am appreciated to have a look at its secret through magic rings.
click Dr. Pei Xing
Master and transfered to Ph.D. Student (2008-2013)
click Dr. Xu Deng
Ph.D. Student (2011-2014)
E_mail: dengxu@ibcas.ac.cn
click Ms. Juan Liu
Master Student (2012-2015)
click Bao Li
Master Student (2013-2016)
click Dr. Hanxue Liang
Master and transfered to Ph.D. Student (2011-2016)
E_mail: dtxlhx@163.com
click Dr. Changyuan Nie
Master and transfered to Ph.D. Student (2010-2016)
E_mail: talentncyluck@yahoo.com.cn
click Dr. Muhammad Wahab
Postdoctoral fellow (2015-2017)
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